The main goal of doing puja is to connect ourselves with the supernatural being and seek blessings from almighty. There are many Indians, who are scattered throughout the world and cannot organizes the puja because of unavailability of things like pandits, puja samagri and other things. They may not have the time, means, or expertise to practice the Hindu traditions and celebrate all the rituals accurately. We apanapanditji will surely understands the needs and come up with modern puja in the term of E-Puja services. Now, you can perform a virtual puja from the comfort of your room, even if you are miles away from your country or simply cannot make it to the puja ceremony. You can use our E-Puja service and connect yourself with supernatural being. Our pandits are highly proficient in their field and will guide you in every step. Basically this puja is done in the absence of a person and puja will be organized by the pandit according to the requirement of a client. We will send email of photos and videos taken at puja. Otherwise we can also have a video call while puja is performing and can hear all mantra chantings. Its matter of trust, I assure that every remedy will be done with dedication and devotion. In this E-Puja all you need is an internet connection, laptop or phone with a camera, speaker and microphone. The list of E- Puja is Gauri Puja, Dhanteras Puja, Sundarkand Puja, Laxmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, Hanuman Chalisa Path, etc. Apart from this, all puja samagris which you need in the puja. There are lots of services in this puja, which you can choose according to your comfort. These services are:

Bilateral Puja – In this online puja, you are guided through video conferencing.

Yajmaan’s Edge – this is a live puja, in this you are the one who will be performing the puja practically.

WMP’s Edge – In this puja our panditji will conducts the entire puja on your behalf.




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