What is Puja?

Puja is a act of Worship. Puja is a religious custom which is carried out as per our Ancient Vedic scripts. Puja is performed to appease God, a Planet or any other Divine Entity. Puja is generally performed by learned Brahmins following the Rules and guidelines laid in our ancient scripts. The Puja is generally performed for accomplishment of certain wishes or for protection against any negative effect. During Puja, the performer establishes a contact between him and the deity by chanting certain Mantras for specific number of times and thereafter a Yagna is performed wherein different items are offered to the Deity with a pleading to bestow blessings.

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Do you show any Proofs of doing E-Puja?

Yes, We will send email of photos and videos taken at puja. Otherwise We can have a video call when puja is performed and all Mantra chantings. Its matter of trust, I assure that every remedy will be done with dedication and devotion.

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Yes, is fully secured with end to end encreption and your data will be safe and secured. We respect your privacy and will never share anything with anyone.

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