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Dhanteras Puja

//Dhanteras Puja
  • Dhanteras Puja

Dhanteras Puja

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    • Dhanteras represents the celebration of Maa Lakshmi, the one who bestows wealth and prosperity on us. We also pray to Lord Dhanvantri, Lord Kuber and Yama Dev on this day to seek blessings for a long and fulfilling life.It is perfomed to Gaining Wealth and Prosperity,For financial success in business, new ventures and undertakings.
    • Better overall health.
    • Protect children and family members from illness and hazards.

Pandit ji chant mantra and perform rituals required to remove all the illness in life and makes everyone happy. We at Apnapandit ji have Online Pandit available 24*7. Our Pandits have good knowledge on performimg dhantera Puja. We provide Online Pandit Booking for doing bhumi Puja.


Product Description

The worship of Goddess Lakshmi, who represents wealth and prosperity in our life, is quite necessary. Actually there is no need a specific date and time for performing puja. But before Dipawali on trayodashi tithi we perform a special puja, which we called Dhanteras. The word already depicts its meaning that is ‘Dhan ki Devi’. It is on the thirteenth day of dark fortnight in the month of Kartik as per Hindu calender. We believe that after celebration of this puja or follow this dhanteras puja procedure in correct manner Maa Lakhsmi will surely bestowed her blessings and keeps us wealthy as well as prosperous. At the same time, we also take blessings from other God like Lord Dhanvantri, Lord Kuber and Yama Dev.

According to our Hindu mythology, there are lots of significance of doing this puja with all our tradition and rituals. There is a very popular story behind this puja. Once upon a time there was a King named Hima. His 16 year old son died within four days of his marriage because of snake bite. Her wife gets worried and did not allow her husband sleep. Her husband was in such a room, which was full of gold and silver. It is called when Yama reached at midnight in the form of a snake, his eyes were dazzled with the brilliance of illuminating gold and he could not enter the chamber. The snake crawled to the top of the heap of Gold, but could not reach the king’s son to kill him. The snake quietly went away in the morning. Hence it is used to be believed that the practice of lighting a Diya for Yama was born to keep the untimely death at bay and women light lamps to honor Lord Yama by lighting a Diya at the entrance of the house.

This Dhanteras Puja is performed one or two days before Diwali on the day of Trayodhashi. The day is also celebrated as Dhanvantri Jayanti, honoring the Lord Dhavnatri the Lord of Ayurveda and the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. We can follow the dhanteras puja vidhi according to our tradition or you can take help from our expert pandits and can be booked online from our website