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Ganesh Pooja(For 5 Days)

//Ganesh Pooja(For 5 Days)
  • Ganesh Pooja

Ganesh Pooja(For 5 Days)

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Introduction Ganesh Puja:

According to hindu mythology Lord Ganesha is worshiped first while performing any Puja.Lord Ganesha  is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and is born from the union of Shiva and Shakti. Ganapati, Sumukha, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Lambkarna, Kapila are few of the other names of lord ganesha.Ganesh Pooja should be done by a Pandit who is experienced and Qualified. Pandit ji chant mantra and perform rituals required to remove all the impurity by performing puja. We at Apnapandit ji have Online Pandit available 24*7. Our Pandits have good knowledge on performimg ganesh Puja. We provide Online Pandit Booking for doing ganesh Puja.


Product Description

It is true that we believe that there is no any special time for worship our God and god never sees a specific muhurat to bless us. But at the same time, we always choose a particular time for celebration. Ganesh Puja is as such a festival that drives the whole city on the streets and it is celebrated with lots of music, processions, dance and colour, which makes the celebration dynamic. This puja is actually took place for the honour of Lord Ganesha on his birthday. He showers intellect, prosperity and good fortune to all of us. This ganesh puja is celebrated for ten days in most of the places whereas in few states it is celebrated for five days. Ganesha is very important god in any puja of Hindu tradition and after Ganesha sthapna only we proceed further. He is the son of Shiva and Shakti, who is one of the most powerful unions of the cosmos. He is known as 108 names and few of them are Ganapati, Sumukha, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Lambkarna, Kapila and so on.


This Ganesh Chaturthi Festival was previously more popular in the western and southern part of the country but nowadays it is celebrated all over the India. It is also known as Vinayak Chavithi. Ganesh Puja Vidhi starts from giving Pranpratishtha to idol by pandit and offering him flowers and sweet delicacies in the form of prasadam. if even a common man can worship Lord Ganesha and do Ganesh Puja at home. it needs an idol of Lord Ganesha on a betel leaf that is placed on a wooden low lying table. Then we apply Kumkum Tilak on his forehead, offer akshta and flowers to him. Then we place a plate of Bhog along with Fruits and Prasad along with lighten a ghee diya. But for the ease you can also book pandit online from our website and they will help u in performing the puja for five days. We believe that while performing the puja on the day of Ganesh Chathurti, one should not look at moon to avoid a bad omen.


In our shashtras there are lots of stories behind this and one of the most famous one is about how Lord Ganesha has got the elephant head. In our mythology, we believe that when Shiva was away for meditation on Mount Kailash then Parvati created a human form with her own skin upon her friend’s advice to have someone safeguard her. Mata Parvati gave him name and also breathed life into him. She instructed him to stand at the door and safeguard their home while she was inside. After sometime, when shiva returned from Kailash, Vinayaka confronted him and did not allow him to go inside. Then he lost his cool and beheaded Vinayaka in a fit of rage. Parvati was left in despair after the incident. Then Shiva trying to find a solution for this and told his Ganas to get the head of a first living creature with his head in north area of the Kailash Parvat. they came back with the head of a baby white elephant. then as promised Lord Shiva joined the baby elephant’s head over Vinayaka’s body with his powers and elected his as the leader of the ganas. He is also known for his intelligence and wisdom that removes the darkness around and provides enlightenment.