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Govardhan Puja

//Govardhan Puja
  • Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja

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    • The Govardhan Puja is to rejoice the triumph of Lord Krishna’s knowledge over Lord Indra’s arrogance. The story of Krishna defeating Indra Puja’s are known for showering people with sanctity. It is believed to remove misery
    • A person never falls short of food
    • An individual is showered with intellect, awareness, and knowledge
    • Lastly, it instills qualities of honesty and productivity

Govardhan Pooja should be done by a Pandit who is experienced and Qualified. Pandit ji chant mantra and perform rituals required to remove all the misery in life. We at Apnapandit ji have Online Pandit available 24*7. Our Pandits have good knowledge on performimg govardhan Puja. We provide Online Pandit Booking for doing govardhan Puja.


Product Description

Govardhan Puja, which is also known as Annakut Puja or Bali Pratipada actually occurs day after Diwali in Kartik month of Hindu calendar. This puja signifies that believe on the god is better than being superstitious. At the same time, Annakut signifies a ‘heap of food’, which is a vegetarian feast prepared and offered to the mound made of mud or cow dung. This puja is performed with great pomp in the northern part of India and it believes that god always showers their blessings by doing this. According to our old myths, in the birth place of Krishna (Mathura), there is a small hillock, which is known as Govardhan. The people use to worship it and offered prayer to Lord Indra. On the other hand Krishna, explained that the people don’t need to please any God. All human beings should merely do their good work with morality. On seeing this Indra got anger and flooded the village with heavy rain. Then Krishna protected so many people and sheltered them from the rain by lifting Govardhan Parvat.  It is said that since then Krishna has been worshipped every year and the puja is held in his honour. By doing govardhan puja, we reinforce the strength of God and acknowledging him as the real protector, who will always save in the most critical phases of life.

If it comes to the benefits of puja, it’s mainly reinforcing the faith in God, who is the ultimate savior. At the same time, this puja will never get the person fallen with shortage of food. Pratipada teethi, during the festival of Annakut is the best time of doing this puja. It falls just after Diwali or sometimes one day after Diwali. Govardhan Puja Vidhi starts with offering Chappan Bhog that means various types of delicacies to tiny mound of Govardhan with mud or cow dung. Apart from that, there are also lots of vidhi, which can be done with the help of pandit.