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Gruh Pravesh Puja (Including Vastu Puja, Hawan& Satyanaryana Puja)

//Gruh Pravesh Puja (Including Vastu Puja, Hawan& Satyanaryana Puja)
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Gruh Pravesh Puja (Including Vastu Puja, Hawan& Satyanaryana Puja)

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The Griha Pravesh Puja/ Gruha Pravesh Puja with Vastu Shanthi Puja, Hawan and Satyanarayana Puja is a complete Puja package for your new home. This apnapanditji online puja brings Vastu Shanti Puja, Hawan and Satyanaryana Puja under one online Puja service. The Vastu Shanti pooja is our vedic science that balances the environment harmony. In this Puja, we do Havan to worship the five God’s that define the nature. They are Akash, Vaayu, Paani, Agni and Pruthvi.

The Griha Pravesh with Vastu Shanti, Havan and Satyanaryana Puja service is an online Puja services that you can order from This online Griha Pravesh Puja is a complete package that facilitate you to order online Griha Pravesh puja samagri for Vastu Shanti, Havan and Satyanaryana Puja and online pandit for Griha Pravesh Puja, Vastu Shanti, Havan and Satyanaryana Puja. The provides all necessary online puja samgari for Griha Pravesh puja. It is like you are booking a Pandit online, who will perform Griha Pravesh Puja and invites you to your new home. Our apnapanditji, online Pandits are expertise in various Griha Pravesh cultures and vastu practices of India. Our apnapanditji Pandits performs Pujas according to your culture and practices that you follow for your Griha Pravesh. It is Griha Pravesh with your flavor of your beliefs and values. The Satyanaryana Puja brings you are your dears a good life and well-being. Our apnapanditji Pandit’s bless you for peacefule living and prosperity. Our apnapanditji Online Pandits suggest you best vastu practices for your new home.


Product Description

Introduction Gruh Pravesh Puja:

Gruh Pravesh Puja Performed to ensure peace and harmony in the new House, the Gruh Pravesh Puja holds both, scientific and spiritual value for every Hindu. Gruh Pravesh puja is performed to ensure purity in the house and bring the positive energy.

Occasions to do a Gruh Pravesh Puja

  • On purchase of new house
  • On renovating an old house
  • Bride entering groom family

Introduction Vastu Shanti Puja:

  • Vastu Shanti Puja is performed the  to bring and sustain the peace and prosperity in our life. It is an elaborative puja performed to appease Vastu Purush and can be performed both in new as well as old homes. Vastu Purush is symbolic of the heart, soul, and protector of a home. As per our Vastu Shastra, a Vastu compliant home creates and sustain positive energy resulting in a well-balanced environment. It also infuse peace and prosperity among the dwellers. We do this puja to eliminate the ill effects of the Vastu Doshas.

    Occasions to Do the Vastu Shanti Puja

    Vastu Puja can be performed on following occasions –

    • Entering a new home (along withGriha Pravesh Puja)
    • Buying a new land for any use
    • Renovating the house.

Introduction to Havan

A Havan is also known as a HomHomanYagya or Agnihotra. Havan is a Sanskrit word and it means a ritual wherein the devotees make offerings to the Fire as a primary/core action. The Fire is considered to be Holy, Sacred and sacrosanct. The Fire is a symbol of divine presence. A Havan helps to:

  • Prevent infectious diseases.
  • Gain peace of mind.
  • Purify the atmosphere (scientifically and otherwise).
  • Achieve the objective we are aiming at.
  • Offer our prayers to our beloved deities.
  • Convert negative energies into positive ones.
  • Ensure good health.

Occasions to do a Havan

As discussed above, a havan is an important ritual on practically all occasions. It is performed

  • When we are born and our name is chosen.
  • On Birthdays.
  • Before, during and after the Wedding.
  • While purchasing and moving into a new property.
  • To get rid of bad health.
  • At someone’s death as purification process.
  • To thank the Lord.
  • To get rid of bad astrological issues.

Introduction Satyanarana Puja

Satyanarayan is one of avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is known as the caretaker of the Universe and all its elements. Another name for Lord Vishnu is Narayan.It is quite popular in different regions of India and is done with a lot of faith and joy.

Occasions to Do a Satyanarayan Puja

  • Generally theSatyanarayan Puja is performed when you wish to achieve something in life. It should also be done once that dream or goal is achieved.
  • Whether you have a particular goal in life or not, you can still do the Puja for general well-being and prosperity. Basically, it should be done to eradicate evil or ill-effects of bad karma.