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Gruh Pravesh

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Gruh Pravesh

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Gruh pravesh puja is a very popular function in Indian culture. Gruh Pravesh Puja Performed to ensure peace and harmony in the new House, the Gruh Pravesh Puja holds both, scientific and spiritual value for every Hindu. Gruh Pravesh puja is performed to ensure purity in the house and bring the positive energy. Puja will be performed by a Pandit spiritually. You need the blessings of all your loved ones and this calls for a celebration. Indian housewarming parties are always celebrated with friends and we will help you to have a good house warming function with a experienced pandit in hyderabad and secunderabad


Product Description

When we planning to buy home or step into a new home, the very first thing we do is to take blessings from our God. This is a place where our dreams reside. So once our home is ready to move, before entering we perform a puja on an auspicious date and time, which we called Gruh Pravesh or house warming puja. This is one of the most auspicious puja in Hindu Mythology. It is performed for bringing peace and harmony to new home along with good health and wealth as well. This grih pravesh puja is important not only for religion but also for environment and the human body. All the things required in this also effects on the air, water and environment of the house. And most importantly, through this we try to take blessings from God and our ancestors and free home from all negative energy.

In Hindu mythology, this puja is basically depends on the direction of KAAL OR BAD EVIL and the date is decided on the basis of astrology, which we called Grih Pravesh Muhurat. We (Hindus) believed the new home may have lots of negative energy due to millions of death organism during the process of making. That’s why this puja is important, which brings positive energy and purity in the home. It helps in bringing prosperity and good health as well. The grih pravesh procedure or we can say puja vidhi is very different, when we compare it with from one region to other. In common on this occasion we worship Vastu Purush, Naag, Naagin, Lakshmi and Tortoise. Not only this, also Lord Ganesha is worshiped as we all know he is a mandatory God for every puja.

Our website apnapanditji gives you a reliable service in booking online package for this puja. It will ease your way and you can order online puja samagri and pandit. They will perform puja according to your tradition and also bless you for peaceful living and prosperity in new home.