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Shiv Puja

  • Shiv Puja

Shiv Puja

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Shiv Puja is performed to appease Lord Shiva, one of the supreme Gods in Hinduism. He plays a role of a destroyer or a transformer of the cosmos, to bring the much needed balance in the universe and remind the temporary nature of material things around us. Shiv Pooja should be done by a Pandit who is experienced and Qualified. Pandit ji chant mantra and perform rituals required to remove all negative thoughts. We at Apnapandit ji have Online Pandit available 24*7. Our Pandits have good knowledge on performimg Puja. We provide Online Pandit Booking for doing Shiv Puja.

Product Description

Supreme God Lord Shiva is worshipped by everyone, who believe in Hinduism and it is mentioned in the oldest sacred Hindu texts and Vedas. One of the major texts that describe its origin and rituals is Shiv Purana. As we all know, that Shiva is a part of the holy trinity and plays an important role to balance the life in cosmos. Not only this, he also known as a foremost yogic guru who showed the path to yogic life, meditation and spiritual awakening. To appease the Lord, we do Shiv puja and it gives us lots of peace of mind. He is the one who is known as both destroyer and a transformer of the cosmos. This helps in bringing much needed balance in the universe and also reminds the temporary nature of material things around us. This puja is performed to seek his blessing along with spiritual transcendence and salvation from the worldly ties and sufferings. Shiva is always worshipped in the Lingam form and there are various stories behind of how the form of a lingam came into being. The Shiv Lingam represents the union of Shiva and Shakti, i.e. Parvati. It also represents the cosmic pillar which is believed to be the originator of the entire universe. As we know that this puja can be performed every day but it is said that Mondays are dedicated to Lord Shiva, hence most followers make it a point to visit Shiva temple on this day to offer puja and seek blessings.

There are number of Shiv puja benefits. It helps in getting rid from wards off terminal illnesses, keeps diseases at bay to help lead a long and healthy life, bestows professional success and happiness in general, brings harmony in marriages to help lead a happy married life and many more. Worshipping Shiva relieves us of worldly ties and miseries. At the same time it also provides courage to bear and overcome the difficulties in life, improves overall concentration and health along with protects from negative planetary influences. Shiv puja vidhi (Procedure) starts with an installation of Linga in your puja ghar and taking a ritualistic cleansing bath in the morning before starting. Apart from these, all rituals are general, which we did in almost all puja. You can also contact our online pandits for all puja related needs at