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Tulsi Vivah Puja

//Tulsi Vivah Puja
  • Tulsi Vivah Puja

Tulsi Vivah Puja

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  • Tulsi Vivah Puja essentially marks the end of rainy season and the commencement of the wedding season of the Hindus. This ritual involves a marriage between the sacred Tulsi plant and Lord Vishnu.It this puja is said to be auspicious for married as well as unmarried people.It is said that by doing this puja one can get rid of the bad karma of the previous birth
  • Additionally, it is believed that this puja increases the chances of better marriage prospects
  • Seeks blessings of Lord Vishnu
  • It is known to being balance in married life
  • Ushers good energies into one’s home
  • Enhances communication in the family leading to better relationships

Product Description

According to Hindu mythological calendar the wedding season always starts with the Tulsi Vivah Puja, which marks the end of rainy season as well. It is the marriage ceremony of Lord Vishnu and Tulsi plant that devotees perform with lots of devotion. According to Hindu calendar of astrology, it took place on the Ekadashi (11th) day of the Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) of the Kartik (October or November) month. In particular area of our country, this day is also known as Prabodhini Ekadashi. Not only this, few people celebrate this festival from Ekadashi to Purnima. When we talk about the importance of this puja, it is said to be auspicious for married as well as unmarried people. We Hindus believe that the Tulsi is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi on earth. Worshiping Tulsi help in getting rid of the bad karma of the previous birth, this leads to be a successful life in this birth. Since, Tulsi Mata is the wife of Lord Vishnu, that’s why it is said that after this puja Vishnu showers their blessings to all devotees. This puja ushers good energies into one’s home. It enhances communication in the family leading to better relationships and many more benefits.

There are story fabricate behind this Tulsi Puja. But the most popular storyis, which is stated by Hindu texts, is that of a woman called Vrinda. Who was the partner of Jalandhar a ‘Danav Raja’. She was an extreme devout of Lord Vishnu and as a result of her prayers, Jalandhar became indestructible during battles. But Jalandhar took undue advantage of his powers. When he left for a fight and Vrinda prayed to God to keep him safe, then Vishnu took the incarnation of Jalandhar and she was distracted from worship. At this point, Jalandhar got killed in the battle. After seeing this, Vrinda was shocked and cursed Lord Vishnu to turn into a Shaligram and then lost consciousness. Her soul was transferred to a plant that later came to be known as Tulsi. Hence, all the Vishnu pujas are never completed without offering Tulsi.