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Vastu Puja

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  • Vastu Puja

Vastu Puja

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The Vastu Puja is a complete worship of all deity of directions, and five elements of environment. The Vastu Shanthi Puja is performed for your assets, that are land, building, industries, and factories. The Vastu is a science of structure placements and changes that bring prosperity in your life. You can perform Vastu Puja at any time. You can perform Vastu Puja when you do construction, renovation and at any.


Product Description


Vastu Puja is performed to bring and sustain the peace and prosperity in our life. It is an elaborative puja performed to appease Vastu Purush and can be performed both in new as well as old homes. Vastu Purush is symbolic of the heart, soul, and protector of a home. As per our Vastu Shastra, a Vastu compliant home creates and sustain positive energy resulting in a well-balanced environment. It also infuse peace and prosperity among the dwellers. We do this puja to eliminate the ill effects of the Vastu Doshas.



Occasions to Do the Vastu Puja

Vastu Puja can be performed on following occasions –

  • Entering a new home (along withGriha Pravesh Puja)
  • Buying a new land for any use
  • Renovating the house