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Vehicle Puja 4 wheelar

//Vehicle Puja 4 wheelar
  • Vehicle Puja 4 wheelar

Vehicle Puja 4 wheelar

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A car puja is a Hindu ceremony blessing an automobile to keep it from bad influences and to bless it in God’s name. Hindus often perform pujas for items used in daily life: houses, motor vehicles, and sometimes home appliances. People try to do the puja before using the item, or as soon as possible after purchase. Puja details may vary from pujari (Hindu priest) to pujari, but the 15-minute ceremony performed for my car was fairly typical.
Dont have time for performing Puja at a temple and finding a pandit. No Problem here we can help you in finding and doing PUja at your doorstep with out Panditji. you just need to book our pandit online.


Product Description

We Hindus believe that every instrument or tools are the incarnation of God Vishwakarma, who is the creator of our mother earth. That is why, when we buy any new vehicle it is quite necessary to worship. It is called vehicle puja. The main reason behind this puja is to showing gratitude towards god and it will also prevent the driver from any accidents. This Vehicle Puja 4 Wheelar also means that this new blessed car will prevent the home from future mishaps.

There is no any time for doing this puja, but we do essentially after buying new car or other vehicle. Apart from this, we also did Vehicle Puja 4 Wheelar in several festivals like Durga Puja, Dhanteras, Diwali, Gudi Parwa, Akshay Tritiya and so many other festivals. And not only are this, in Hinduism these times also known as perfect time for buying any vehicle. People try to do the puja as soon as possible after purchasing. Puja details may vary from pandit to pandit. It takes hardly fifteen minutes for performing the rituals.

At the same time, if you don’t have time for performing this Puja at a temple or if you find any difficulties in finding a pandit our website is just one click away. You just need to book our pandit online and they will come and perform the car puja at home or office.