One of the most essential parts in our tradition and culture is wedding ceremony, which is usually known as Vivah in Sanskrit. In our culture it’s not only a tradition to bring two people together but it also means that from now onwards, those two families are also united. And that is it is a big celebration itself. People take months and sometimes years to plan a wedding. It is a special moment in a person’s life, which is made more special by the Vedic rituals and ambience. That is why nothing can replace the charm of a Vedic wedding. From ancient time marriage is a multi-function and there are various pre-wedding ceremonies. The rituals or puja done in every function has some specific meaning. Vivah is a very sacred union and many Gods and Goddesses are invited through various rituals to come and bless the couple. Marriages are set in the cosmos but the union sanskaar is done through a Wedding puja/pooja. The Fire, one of the elements of life is the sakshi or the witness to this holy union. The promises made during a Vivah Puja are lifelong commitments that the bride and the groom make to each other.

This multifarious rituals of a Wedding puja has a lot of benefits that includes the blessings of all the Devs and Devis along with our fore fathers and ancestors. It is also a symbol of unionization of two souls as per Vedic beliefs, physical, mental, social, legal and spiritual connections between the bride and the groom. All Saat Feras is the symbol for the awareness of responsibilities towards each other and each other’s families along with their duties in the social set up. The Wedding puja is not can be done without any trend pandit. For the ease you can book online pandits and puja samagris from our portal in one go.